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Our mission at Our Lady’s Hospice is to promote and provide quality palliative care through a committed team in a conducive environment for patients who have HIV/AIDS and cancer.

Our Lady’s Hospice is a Faith-Based Organization in Kalingalinga, Lusaka, Zambia. It caters for over 3,500 outpatients, primarily for HIV/AIDS treatment, as well as intensive care for inpatients staying in the wards. Our Lady’s has the support of the Zambian Ministry of Health as well as that of medical experts from the University Teaching Hospital. The Hospice offers quality palliative care to all in need throughout the course of their illness and end-of-life care. This includes meeting the physical, spiritual and psycho-social needs of the patient and their families.

Traditionally Hospice care was associated with care of the dying and for this reason many shy away from palliative care. However, in the era of Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART), the role of Hospice has changed in line with the definition of palliative care; an approach of care offering an improved quality of life for all suffering from life-threatening illnesses such as HIV/AIDS and Cancer. 

Most of our patients come to the Hospice for check-ups, to receive Anti-Retrovirals, and to be treated for the opportunistic infections that come with AIDS. A minority are admitted to the inpatient wards for more intensive treatment, or end of life care.

First President Dr.Kenneth Kaunda
visits the Hospice, 2007

Our Lady’s Hospice serves the community in and around Kalingalinga – one of the poorer compounds of Lusaka - with a catchment area of approximately 200,000. An estimated 20% of the population of this area are HIV+. The Hospice offers the full range of services needed; initial HIV counselling and testing, laboratory tests, pharmacy service, consultations with clinical staff and inpatient wards where needed. The Hospice can offer these services through funding from overseas donor agencies, well-wishers and local donors.

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